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Weather Guidelines

Lightning/Inclement Weather Policy:

1. Coaches/Athletes participating in outdoor activity should be aware of the most recent forecast.  Any pregame cancellations will be at the discretion of those participating in the activity.
2. The OLC administrators will discuss with game officials prior to the start of the contest the Inclement Weather Policy. Coaches should be aware of this policy in case a Certified Athletic Trainer is not present.
3. Once game/practice has begun, weather monitoring will be through: Regional Internet Radar; Lightning Detector; Flash to Bang Method.
4. If Regional Internet Radar; Lightning Detector; Flash to Bang Method detect Severe Weather, the following actions should take place:
            An OLC representative will notify Referee/Umpire/Coaches of severe weather approaching. A decision will be made to delay/terminate game due to weather.
            Coaches will inform athletes of decision to delay/terminate game.
            P.A. Announcer (if applicable) will inform spectators of approaching weather and to seek shelter indoors.
5. All athletic participation will be stopped and fields/stands evacuated immediately to nearest indoor shelter if any of the following occur:
            Regional Internet Radar/National Weather Service issues a Severe Weather Warning.
            Lightning Detector reads 3-8 miles away.
            Flash to Bang count is 30 seconds (6 miles) or less
6. If evacuation of venue must take place, stop everything (field maintenance) and seek shelter immediately
7. Play will not resume for a minimum of 30 minutes after the storm has cleared. This may be longer if lightning is still present, (each new flash starts the 30 minute clock over). In other words, if it takes the storm 30 minutes to clear the six (6) mile radius, play still will not resume for another 30 minutes due to the potential for lightning to strike.
8. Following the initial 30 minutes, a re-assessment every 15 minutes will be made to determine if conditions are safe for return to play.
9. Should conditions exist for a weather event, the following chain of command will monitor the weather conditions during the event:
            OLC Administrators
            P.A Announcer/Athletes/Spectators
Flash to Bang Method:
The Flash to Bang Method is a backup method of determining when Lightning/Inclement Weather is in the area. It is an easy and universal method for assessing the distance of Inclement Weather from your current location. Every 5 seconds counted between a FLASH of Lightning and BANG of Thunder equals 1 mile.
Example: 15 seconds counted between the FLASH of Lightning and BANG of Thunder = storm is 3 miles away.

If the BANG of Thunder comes within 30 seconds of the FLASH of Lightning, EVACUATE the field immediately!

Hot Weather Guidelines: 

The following are recommended minimum guidelines when there is a possibility of dangerous high heat index:

Heat Index Recommended Guidelines
Up to 89° Normal Play
90° - 99° Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by 5 minutes.
100° - 105° Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by 10 minutes.
105°+ Suspend play.

Please check the USA Today web site for additional information in regards to how temperature and humidity combine to make it feel hotter